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Theme for the month of December is:


          Just finished rereading one of my favorite books, The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield.  Besides being the author of The Secret of Bagger Vance, he is perhaps best known for novels in which he wrote about the courage of the ancient Greeks who shaped and saved Western civilization.

          The War of Art, however, takes a different tack. This is a no-holds-barred approach to breaking through the ties that bind us to limited thinking. The blocks that keep you from winning your inner creative/constructive battles. He cites a quote from the Dalai Lama: “The enemy is a very good teacher.” And he starts by naming ten common activities that are mental sign-posts identifying our Inner Enemy No. 1: Resistance.

          To cite only a few, resistance often shows up when we decide to follow a diet or health regimen, or enroll in a program of spiritual advancement; to undertake an enterprise whose aim is to help others, or any act that entails commitment of the heart, etc.  So what are the characteristics of Resistance?

          “Resistance cannot be seen, touched, heard, or smelled. But it can be felt. We experience it as an energy field radiating from a work-in-potential. It’s a repelling force. It’s negative. Its aim is to shove us away, distract us, prevent us from doing our work.”—The War of Art, (p. 7)

          And from Creative Ideas, (pp. 4-5), Ernest Holmes fortunately gives us a handle, a tool we can use should any such form of resistance raise its negative head in our direction: “Out of the limitless creativity of God I accept the flow of new ideas. My whole consciousness is alive, awake, and aware to them. I am impregnated with new ideas, and they shall bear fruit according to the divine pattern contained within them.

          “Today I expect new ways of doing things. I expect everything in my experience to enlarge, deepen, and broaden. I expect more good, more enthusiasm, more accomplishment than ever before. There now opens up before me a world of new ideas, new thoughts, new people, and new situations.”  As you embody such words, watch as Resistance, Enemy No. 1, turns heel!

          In joy,

                    Rev. Pat


Today is a new beginning. I am charged up with enthusiasm and appreciation of what God as me, can do.


All events are held at this Center unless the location is mentioned in the description of the event.

Rev Dotty is available if you are in need of treatment. Please call the Center (530-589-9719) to set up an appointment with her or one of our other practitioners. Office hours are Tues & Wed, 10:00am to 2:00pm.


Tuesday, December 12 – 6:00pm at Gold Country Casino Café. Sign-up sheet is on the table.


(formerly known as Meditation)

Wednesday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm: Midweek-Meet-up lead by Rev Pat Ballard meets every week. Jackie Stanfill will honor us on the fourth Wed each month with her Singing Bowls for Chakras healing meditations.


Sunday, December 17, 10:30am: Rev Dotty Page tells us  “You Better Watch Out.” Special Music by Mark Johnson. Our Monthly Board meeting follows service. Everyone is welcome to stay.


Tuesday, December 19 at 1:30pm-3:00pm. If you are providing care for someone and feel overwhelmed, frustrated or just need to talk and get advice on how to handle a particular issue come join the group.


Thursday, December 28 at 7:00pm – 9:00pm: This is a Family Oriented Open Mic evening. Anyone interested in performing or just enjoying the entertainment is invited to join us. Cover Charge at Door $3.00 per person. Kids under 12 FREE


Sunday, December 31: We will not have a morning service. Our weekly Celebration Service will start at 5:00pm, followed by a Finger Food Potluck dinner from 6:00pm – 7:00pm. From 7:00pm until the end of the evening we will have a game night. Bring a dish for the potluck and any games you would like to share.

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