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The Theme for November is

“How Great Thou Are”

The philosophy of The Science of Mind reveals that "We enter the Absolute (God spirit) in such degree as we withdraw from the relative (what we call reality). The Bible tells us not to count our enemies. That's not easy, turning from a disease and KNOW THAT THERE IS NO DISEASE, when we know very well that it is an experience of the moment.

"This is not easy, but the one who can do just this, can heal. The All-Creative Wisdom does not think one thing is difficult and another easy. With God all things are possible. We must know this Power of God must be hooked up with our thought, and what we are doing. Energy unconnected does nothing, it is only when it is used, properly directed, that it accomplishes things." (SOM, p. 315)

There are a hundred or more excuses given for why prayers do not appear to be answered, i.e., God has a higher plan; I didn't know the right words to use, etc. The fact of the matter is, belief overrides words without faith. Look, around you. What you truly believe, have faith in, surrounds you.

Though these are seemingly harsh words, they are actually words of salvation. Do you truly have a deeper belief in illness rather than wellness? Do you use words of anger, limitation, fear more often than words and feelings of faith, positive intention, belief?

A new, improved mind-set starts the same as a journey to the stars--one step, or one mile, at a time, a few positive words spoken daily that uplift, energize, vibrate with the music of life. Add a few power words ever day until words of discouragement, disbelief and disappointment are eliminated, crowded out by the new life you have created. And so it is.

In Joy

Rev. Pat


Daily I choose words that inspire a new mind

 as old limited beliefs expire.


And may be sent to latebloomart@gmail.com.


All events are held at this Center unless the location is mentioned in the description of the event.

If you are in need of treatment, please call the Center (530-589-9719) to set up an appointment with one of our practitioners. Office hours are Mon, Wed and Thurs from 10:00am to 2:00pm.


The Friday night Game Night has been suspended for the month of November. We will start up again on December 7.


Sunday, December 2: Service starts at 10:30am with Rev Connie Couser speaking about “Declare for Abundance”. Our monthly Potluck/Birthday celebration will follow the service. Birthday celebratants are Sandi Corkran, Jim Crawford, Vince Hutton, Devon & Honor Giardini and Andy Sumahit.


Tuesday, December 11 at 6:00pm. Come join us for an evening of good food and friendship at the new Acorn Café at Gold Country Casino.


Friday, December 14 at 5:00pm. More info to follow next week.


Tuesday, December 18 at1:30pm-3:00pm: Due to Christmas falling on the fourth Tuesday the Caregivers group will meet a week early. This group provides an opportunity to share experiences and ideas to ease the stress of caregiving with other caregivers. It is facilitated by a professional Family Counselor from Passages. Further information about Passages and what they can provide is on the Information Table.

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