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The Theme for August is

“Be Open To Divine Guidance”

          Ideas and thoughts constantly repeat themselves throughout the day which have the tendency to develop into an attitude of how we view our life. Although it seems a daunting task, it’s often suggested we become aware of what those thoughts are. Scientists number them somewhere in the neighborhood of 65,000 to 95,000! Yet, none are new. They’re the same ones regurgitated ad nauseum. We become what we think about and believe.

          K. M. Weiland, one of my favorite writing coaches, wrote in a recent blog that she believes it’s an absolute truth that when one artist succeeds, the rewards belong to all of us. When a good story (or song, or picture) is given and the world receives it in praise, that’s one of the most perfect things in life.

          What I got from this was that it’s not what the job title may be, whenever any of us work at being the best we can be, it means we’re riding on the shoulders of those who have shown or inspired us to be or do better. When we read of others who are doing that—face it. There’s more for us to learn. That doesn’t mean we’re failures. If negative thoughts show up, recognize them for what they are. Thoughts produce feelings, which in themselves, are neither good nor bad. They actually can lead to greater understanding that they’re pointing to what it is we truly want.

          Be honest—name that want. Then, in a relaxed and logical frame of mind, take positive, remedial action. “Your want is flashing its sign.” I want to experience that ______ (want). Write it down as a one-word want, but as though already achieved.  Next, repeat it over and over throughout the day, adding “I am ready, I am worthy of this good!”

           This is “God in action”.  Following this simple plan paves the way for the Law of Attraction to take hold and manifest all good in our life.

          In Joy,

                    Rev. Pat


God is working Its wonders in my life. I am ready and worthy to

experience (health, companionship, financial freedom, etc.) now!

Try it, and let me know how this works in your life.



All events are held at this Center unless the location is mentioned in the description of the event.

If you are in need of treatment, please call the Center (530-589-9719) to set up an appointment with one of our practitioners. Office hours are Tues & Wed, 10:00am to 2:00pm.


Sunday, August 26: Service starts at 10:30am with Rev Jan Mark as speaker. The title of his message is “Mind Is My Guidance”. Special Music will be presented by Ellen Alford and Andy Sumahit.


Tuesday, September 11 at 6:00pm. Come join us for an evening of good food and friendship at the new Acorn Café at Gold Country Casino.


Tuesday, September 25 at 6PM.Francine Fields is once again holding a Full Moon Drumming Circle. Bring a drum (it can be an empty gallon jug or a pot, whatever you may have on hand) or rattles and join us.

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